Harry Potter

Normally we are a “got to see it immediately” kind of movie going family. I wondered why no one was rushing to see the final installment of Harry Potter.  So finally this week, I suggested we really should see it and certainly before Matthew heads off to college. His best friend Daniel (you can hear them both in many of our toyportfolio.com videos this summer) – is also heading back to college.  So off we went.

I think we all enjoyed it, but I realized during the last five minutes of the movie why we had all delayed. Like so many other families, our children have grown up with Harry and his gang. Much the way Harry, Ron and Hermoine were all grown up at the end of the movie (not the final scene where they are ridiculously aged to look older)…so too were the  two young men sitting next to me. I could still remember when they jumped out of their seats when the spiders were overtaking Harry in the Forbidden Forest.

The end of the movie marked the unofficial end of their childhood. I’ll admit it, I was weepy. The boys  thought I was being silly.  My husband smiled at me the way he does when he appreciates my more emotional take on things. He took my hand and we all walked home together.


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