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  1. One could interpret the following as being totally narcissistic but lately I’ve been visualizing a new concept–eggman* the muppet. This new cartoon character, I am hoping one day the mass media might want to ‘seed’ into contemporary children’s minds…

    And why would they want to do something ridiculous like this? Well, the days of kermit et all seem to have been replaced with video games based on violence, killing and creating mayhem. I miss the simple issues addressed by the softness of the muppet agenda.

    Used to be Saturday or Sunday mornings kids would wake up, throw on the tube and watch some simple cartoon characters (granted they were usually fighting evil). This morning I witnessed that todays children have now become those super heros. It irks me that sentences like “I love killing people!” leave their lips when they’re fighting off the ‘evil’ as these characters in the games they play.

    It was my response to that comment that more children need to hear as a caption at the end of their games. “Son, you know, when I was a child I used to love these games too and then one day I found myself in a war. It was not fun at all.” But of course there are no disclaimers. I wonder how the media that our children select influences their development and their future choices?

    eggman* the muppet would be a peace maker. An evolved character that goes into the classroom or the conflict theater wherever that might be, and wages peace. Breaking out the egg game board and addressing each persons issue as their egg spins into the mix. Presenting a conflict resolution model so that children are more skilled at how to empathize and yield to one another before combat even begins…

    This type of theoretical discussion may not fit the war power agenda of today, but after the inevitable chaos of tomorrow, next week, next month or next year we will want our children to be equipped with skills unlike they have now the result of their digital pursuits. Bla Bla Blog!

    By the time every players egg is spinning on the table their ideas are each acknowledged and the team is built scrambling it all up together in a wonderful omlette

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