Mythbusters the Game

Mythbuster Game from ZimZala Games

I watched the Jon Stewart rally last weekend with my son Matthew.  We both loved that they included the guys from Mythbusters (Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage) to warm up the crowd.  The experiments with waves and sound were fun and in keeping with the spirit of their show. Finding games (especially non-electronic games) that will be of interest to your teenager seems to get harder and harder each year.  That’s why I was particularly thrilled when we saw that ZimZala Games was introducing a Mythbusters Game.  It’s fun–full of wonderfully geeky/science trivia and the opportunity to have catapult Buster is just very pleasing – no matter how old you are.  Jacobe Chrisman, Founder of ZimZala Games, gave us a preview of how the game works.

Click here to read our review.

Click here to watch Jacobe’s rundown.

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