Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Toy Awards Announced Tomorrow!

Another year of toy testing done!  Tomorrow we will announce all of our toy winners.  I’ve also been really busy the last few months videotaping the toys that have come through our offices.  So throughout the pre-holiday season I’ll be sharing those videos of both our winners and those that just make you wonder how something got made.  The official reviews will be posted at www.toyportfolio.com.

One thought on “Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Toy Awards Announced Tomorrow!

  1. I see your recommendation for Leapster Explorer — but no mention within it of the one thing that is really making me try to decide if I want this, or the Leapster2. I’ve heard from other reviews that this one has a lot of ads for other Leapfrog products. Did you notice this in your review?

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