Getting ready for Today Show

Today Show Studio

Just got back from set up. We’re going to have lots of kids on the set–many under three so we’ll see how the segment goes. My little friend Harper, who ran the segment last time is making a return appearance – this time along with her little brother. I’m the opposite of W.C. Fields–I love having kids on the set–it gives new meaning to the concept of “anything goes.”

I’m really happy with the collection of toys we’re showing tomorrow but I always feel terrible about all the other amazing toys on our list that aren’t getting their moment on air.  As usual we’ve packed in as many as we can for four minutes!  Happily this year we have tons of streaming video on almost all of our award winners.

Got uptown this afternoon just in time to catch the last float from the Columbus Day Parade. I’ve lived in NYC for over twenty years and I don’t think I’ve ever really attended this parade so it was fun to see it.

End of the Columbus Day Parade

I know they keep saying the economy is in rough shape–but you’d never know it from the crowds around Rockefeller Center!  The city is full of tourists.  The holidays can’t be too far away when they open the ice skating rink (see below).

Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center

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