Best Gender Free Gifts for Kids

I always thought my brother’s Hot Wheels sets were much more interesting than any doll my parents brought home to me  – which is probably why I have problems with the concept that play things should be gender based.  Construction sets like  LEGOs were also big on my list (although my mother will tell you that I was most fascinated with putting all the pieces back in the box).    My slight OCD tendencies aside, when we started the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio I was taken aback by the blatant gender specific marketing to boys and girls.  In big toy companies the divisions are actually divided by sex. Had this generation of marketers and toy makers missed the fight for women’s rights? gender equality?  Are we really ready to say that a five year old has a innate desire to play with only certain toys?  It still bothers me.  So each year we look for toys that are gender free.  Why do building bricks need to be pink for girls?  If we want our sons to grow up to be great partners, husbands and fathers–shouldn’t they also role play with such basic family staples as kitchens, strollers and baby dolls?  If these issues bother you as well, take a look at our list for some gender free suggestions.

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