And I almost forgot…

to mention that right before I went on the air today–something happened that I’ve always been worried about.  First my lens moved off my eye. Ann was great and assured me I had enough time to go and fix it. So I went behind the set to the production area…I then touched my eye and the lens dropped out.  Great.  Now I’m all alone and I have to find my lens with my one good eye….I find it, hooray…it’s on a super duper dirty floor…and now I’m laughing – do I shove it back in?  Or do the segment with partial vision?  What about the segment they just did recently about the five second rule and basically that I’m putting Penn Station into my eye.  I spot the sink, wash it off — and jam it back in.  Of course now I can’t get it onto my eyeball.  One of the great production guys shows up just at the moment and then takes me further in the back where there is a mirror…I keep leaning in, trying not to burn myself on the big light bulbs that surround the mirror.  Happily I get the lens back in…but now I need to get back to my spot for the segment…but the door that I came through is locked. No way back.  Happily I could get back into the studio through the other side.

My other greatest nightmare…there used to be amazing Christopher Radko decorated Christmas trees in the studio – each with literally hundreds of his amazingly detailed ornaments. I used to have  recurring nightmare that I could not fight the temptation to touch one of the ornaments..and as soon as I do one  tree starts to fall over…and then the next tree fell over…. until every last tree in the studio has crashed and all of the ornaments make that sick sound glass ornaments make when they are dropped.  Thankfully they have since changed the decorations in the studio.

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