In this economy, even a Princess needs a bank

The Princess Money Manager

Just got the new Princess Money Manager from Little Flower Products LLC. The name of the product suggests that in these rocky financial times, even a princess needs to be careful with her money. I’m big on banks for kids. And most of the new banks suggest that kids separate their money into three categories: savings, charity, and spending –  all valuable concept for school aged kids.  Yet, my feminist core is taken aback by the concept of introducing the notion of our daughters as princesses in the real world. Playing “princess” is one of the most popular pretend themes for little girls…but somehow this bank takes it into another space for me that makes me feel uncomfortable.  Maybe I’m being too literal–but I also thought the $40 price tag was fit for a real princess!  The bank is well constructed with a moving top so that you can drop your coins into the three separate compartments.

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