Sushi-Inspired Play!

The boxes of spring toys and books have started to arrive in  full force.  At the end of a very long day, I opened the last big box and had a wonderful laugh. Inside was a HUGE piece of sushi. This stuffed piece of sushi is really an ottoman. It also came with a doll and a side of salmon roe.

I’ve been reviewing toys for a long time- I’m rarely surprised anymore–but I have to say a toy that includes a salmon roe accessory, got me.

You have to wonder what was the a-ha moment here for Atlanta-based stylist, Mimi Tin, founder of   A graphic designer clearly not afraid to push the envelope, Ms. Tin has created this collection that is  inspired by the Pop Art Movement.

While at first, I was just shocked really–I have to say that the ottomans are very well-made. The dolls will most likely appeal to the tween/teen market. And the addition of the roe is just so fun, it’s perfect.

Does anyone need a HUGE piece of sushi furniture…probably not, but they are extremely witty.  The dolls retail for $29.95, the ottomans (Cucumber Pouf with Salmon Roe) or the Cali Pouf retail for $79.95 each at's Mimi Tin

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