Worth Taking a Look: Take Your Pix Board Book Photo Album

Just got a sample of Take Your Pix Board Book Photo Album from www.boardbookalbums.com.  Made of very sturdy stock, you can load (and change) the photos in this book for your toddler to enjoy!   Toddlers love looking at pictures of the people and pets in their world.  The company was started by Laura Miranti- who created one of these books to help her daughter with a speech delay.  I love hearing these types of light bulb moments.

2 thoughts on “Worth Taking a Look: Take Your Pix Board Book Photo Album

  1. Funny, just yesterday I received my yearly picture (I work in a school). I cut out a 2 by 3 and gave it to my granddaughter knowing wholeheartedly it will be manhandled in moments. This album will sure be a holiday buy for me. My granddaughter will get an album full of her family members (especially the ones she doesn’t see often). What a great idea!

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