What Kind of Games Does Your Family Play?

When I think about my childhood–so many of my memories have to do with playing games…those I played with my grandparents (Dominoes and card games), my parents (Clue, Facts of Five) and those I played with my friends (Spit, War, Monopoly).

I never got into the epic games of Risk or Diplomacy that my older brothers would play with their friends…there were too many rules, it took too long…and I was never invited actually.

As I’m in full holiday toy mode now, I’d recommend that you bring home at least one game.  I love that non-video, non-tv, non-blackberry moment of playing a game with your kids.  As everyone gets older, it gets even harder to carve out those moments, but well worth it in the end. We have a list of new games under $20 – and of course many more on our site for every age, budget and interest.


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