Dolls you draw on…Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar

Kids Preferred is introducing a new Very Hungry Caterpillar plush that comes with markers–so that kids can draw on the caterpillar. We asked one our testers to try it out this week.  Our preschool tester, a fan of the book, enjoyed decorating her caterpillar–and her mom was happy that the ink washed out completely in the wash.  The only downside, her daughter asked if she could draw on one of her bears. Many kids probably would not have asked!  The concept of draw here, but not there–can be rough for some kids. On the other hand, this is a fun color concept toy that makes a book connection.

Our tester trying out the new Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar Doll

Our tester trying out the new Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar Doll

For this age, I highly recommend (if you have the space) painting a wall in your house with chalkboard paint.  Growing up in our playroom my mom did this on two big cabinet doors.  I loved being in the middle of our family buzz–working on a new design, practicing my handwriting as I got older and even working on my early math skills (truthfully, there were a lot of flower designs!).  For my kids we painted an entire wall and left a basket full  of colorful chunky outdoor chalk at the ready. With kind of space you can use your whole arm to make big bold strokes…and work on your fine motor skills when your adding details to your creations.

If you can’t paint a wall, bring home an easel that has a chalk board side.  Such an easy access art opportunity puts the focus on the process, not the product.  As any experienced preschool teacher will tell you–find something to compliment  but don’t lavish too much praise on any one creation – doing so makes it really scary to try something new!

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  1. Crayola has bright colored chalk that is really great! The colors are fun and wonderful and vivid! It kept me and my 7 yr old daughter busy decorating our driveway for quite a while.

  2. Yes! That’s my favorite — have you tried the 3D set. If you make really bold thick lines–it really does pop.

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