Move Over Barbie: Tattoos for Kids

Last week there was a lot of buzz about Barbie getting Tattoos, but one of the trends we’ve been watching are tattoo kits for kids.  The first two have arrived from Creativity for Kids, there’s Fresh Ink Color-In Tattos for Boys and for Girls.  The tatoos in the girl set are pretty safe…flowers, butterflies, hearts.  There is a skull and cross bones (wearing a bow)…and the boys kit has more traditional skull and cross bones as well as aliens, a baseball and more biker motifs.  These kits can be fun for a party…but how do you feel about putting skull and crossbones on your six year old?

0 thoughts on “Move Over Barbie: Tattoos for Kids

  1. Is there one with a heart that says mom on the inside? I think a baby biker with that tattoo would be pretty awesome.

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