0 thoughts on “Top Trends from Toy Fair 2009: Razor's Spark Kick Scooter

  1. In fact all the kids that tried this scooter really did love it. You get the “spark” by breaking…pretty cool. Although you can’t really see it if you’re on the scooter–but your friends will think you’re amazing. The cartridge for the sparks is easy to pop in and out. We’re giving this one an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award.

  2. Did you consider the potential fire danger that the creation of sparks near the ground, dry brush, etc will present? I view this as a potential liability for the company. Comments?

  3. I’ve passed on your question to the company for their comment. It’s a good question.

  4. I posed your question to the folks at Razor…here is there response.

    “These products require a certain level of user maturity as well as parental instruction and supervision. As with everything else, Razor always advocates safety and urges parents to base a decision to allow their child to ride the Razor Spark scooter on the rider’s skill level, individual maturity and a knowledge of and ability to follow the safety precautions. In no event should a rider under 8 years be allowed to ride a Razor Spark scooter.” Razor USA

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