The Froggie Potty…really

41xu6w6jezl_sl500_aa280_We don’t really review potty seats, but this one seems notable.  It’s from the new Fisher Price line, Precious Planet.   Made me smile at least…Does look like it will work for a boy (many of them don’t)…. It’s official name is the Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty…but I like my name better.

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  1. That’s cute, but I’m fraid any potty that looks “fun” will be dragged around the house as a toy. Jordyn took her friend’s talking princess potty into their living room a few weeks ago 🙂

  2. We’ve been looking at this same potty for my son who will be turning 2 in just a few short weeks. We bought him a potty that had a little attachment that hooked on the front to keep the little boys from peeing all over, but unfortunately it comes unattached easily and my son always wants to play with it.

    I like this one because there are no extra parts really and it does work for boys!

  3. When my boys were little we had a similar issue with removable parts–also the potty seats were really small in scale! We did well with the floating targets- made a game out of the whole process.

  4. I just saw some of those yesterday while I was at our local Babies R Us. I wondered if they really did any good or if it was going to be one of those “fun idea but shouldn’t have bought” items.

    Nice to know someone had some success with them!

  5. I just bought this potty for my 17month old who expressed an interest in potty training, but a fear of me dropping him into the big toilet. I really liked the price, the simplicity, and the adorable design. My only complaint is the enormous eyes that cause my son to awkwardly position himself onto the potty. The eyes also prevent him from moving his legs into any position other than spread eagle. It seems a little uncomfortable for such a little guy.

  6. I’m impressed that your 17 month old son is interested in potty training! That’s pretty impressive all by itself. I can see his point about the eyes. Most potty seats seem better designed for girls- the front guard piece just never seems to work well enough-making things uncomfortable for them and messy for you. We eventually moved on to seats that go on the toilet but I wouldn’t that at such an early age.

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