Crayola Window Markers vs. Crayola Window Crayons

It’s really a toss up. The crayons have the greasy crayon texture – that really makes you feel like you’re drawing with a crayon on the window. The markers–which we have reviewed before–I just tried again.  They do fill in better than the crayons but they don’t give you the same tactile feedback as the crayons.  Even I think I need to stop drawing on the windows now….I’ve run out of room! Both the markers and the crayons are really a great value–under $5 for a set.

One thought on “Crayola Window Markers vs. Crayola Window Crayons

  1. I just had our windows washed in the office. On the one hand, I probably shouldn’t mark them up…but yet, it’s such a shiny new window to draw on…it’s a toss up.

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