Wild Planet: Animal Scramble a favorite

Our toy testing family was a big fan of the original Hyper Dash from Wild Planet–so we thought this was the perfect family to try out the new version designed for preschoolers – Animal Scramble.  Instead of calling out numbers or colors, the game calls out clues (sounds) about the animals.  Players have to “tag” the smaller animals (monkey, parrot, elephant and tiger) with the larger giraffe.  Designed for one to six players, this is a friendly game that calls for listening. What we really like about the game and the original Hyper Dash is that it requires kids to be up on their feet–thinking and moving!  All good. For other great games visit our website.

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  1. We got this for my 2.5 year old for C-mas. I can’t wait to play it with her. She loves animals, sounds and is learning her letters, so I think it will be a great family activity!

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