Must have at a great price: Lego Racers Red Ace

If you’re shopping for a Lego fan–look no further. These small kits ($9.99 to $12.99) are great fun to put together. They have from 59-92 pieces so it’s not a difficult build and then you have something to really play with when you’re done. Our favorite kit Red Ace ($9.99/#8493) comes with a ramp–pull back your vehicle and watch it take off as it goes off the ramp. Really fun and the price is just right.

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  1. It seems that the Red Ace is not sold anywhere in the US — not even! Are there any other Lego Racers that you particularly recommend? Or are ALL of the Racers recommended?

  2. I’m checking with the folks at Lego. We’ve loved all the models that we’ve tested to date–but we have not seen every car in the line. They’re a great place to start with new builders–the number of pieces are not overwhelming–and then they have a great car to play with.

  3. From Lego….”That’s correct – the Red Ace was part of the 2008 Power Racers assortment. It has been replaced by 2 new 2009 Power Racers: 8164 Extreme Wheelie and 8165 Monster Jumper. Both are $12.99 and currently available in all major and specialty retailers, as well as online retailers.”

    We’ve requested both for testing. We’ll keep you posted.

  4. These new 2009 Power Racers (as well as the Red Ace from 2008) all have age ranges of 7-12. Do you think a younger child (5 years) would be able to handle the build alone, or would it be too difficult? Thanks!

  5. Most fives will need help if they’re new to building. I like these small projects as a nice place to start but with a parent. Although I’m hearing back from lots of toy testers about their 6 and 7 year olds doing really advanced kits. Some kids really take to Legos–and following the directions…but don’t be alarmed if your five year old doesn’t have the fine motor skills for all those little pieces. The idea is to build their self confidence–so if it’s not right–go back to some of the sets marked 4 & up.

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