Trends from Toyland: Hasbro's Biscuit, My Lovin Pup

Most of the hype this holiday season will probably be for Hasbro’s high tech, interactive Kota (a 40″ triceratops). At toy fair, Kota looked pretty amazing– friendly and interactive in a playful way. There is another entry in the Furreal line that should not be overlooked. Biscuit is an over-sized golden retriever that also looks extremely promising. He can sit up, give you a paw, bark, sit down on his hind legs–really great if you can’t handle the real thing.  Apparently all the new york press commented on how great Biscuit would be for city dwellers—no need to walk or pick up after Biscuit.  Biscuit will retail for $150– so again, a big holiday gift.

3 thoughts on “Trends from Toyland: Hasbro's Biscuit, My Lovin Pup

  1. i am interested in purchasing the dog biscuit, my lovin’ pup which i recently saw advertised on regis and kelly show; thank you.

  2. Biscuit will not be available until the fall. He is extremely cute. I have sense he will be a huge hit with our toy testers.

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