Our favorite remote control cars of the season

bump.jpgI really love remote control cars. At toy fair every year I look forward to seeing the newest entries in this catergory. There are the big muscle RC vehicles that can do amazing spins and go through mud and water–and keep on going. These are always a big hit with adults as well as older kids.

But what if your five year old is asking for a remote control vehicle? Ideally you want to bring home an RC that’s easy enough to operate, making the experience fun and not frustrating.

Our favorites for this age group this year come from Kid Galaxy www.kidgalaxy.com. Bump n Chuck R/C Bumper Cars ($35) has a odd name but you’ll want to play with this set too. If you bump into your opponents car, the “driver” will pop out! We also liked their more challenging Scoop n Shoot RC Basketball ($40) where you are actually shooting small basketballs balls into the backboard on the moving basket. (This toy was not tested for lead content.)

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  1. Stephanie,

    These RC bumper cars look like tons of fun. I have been searching and can’t find them anywhere. Have you seen them for sale?

    As always, thanks for the great info.

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  3. This is a geat post. I have always been a hobby fan. I found your blog searching for a new RC Car on Yahoo. I will definatly be back Soon,Later,In the future to check out what else you have. See You Soon!

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