Best Digital Camera for Kids: Vtech's Kidizoom Camera

If you’re not thrilled about handing over your expensive camera to your five year old, we highly recommend the new Kidizoom Camera from VTech. Priced at $59.99 this is a much more affordable (and safe) way to introduce your kids to photography. Features include dual eye viewing (a plus for young photographers), a 1.8 LCD screen, 16 MB of memory and an auto flash. Our testers also liked the added features of the zany faces and hats you can add to your work on the camera screen or when you put your picture on the computer. Marked 3 & up, but we’d really say more like 5 & up. We also liked that the chunky orange/yellow camera will be enjoyed by both boys and girls!For more information, visit

Besides taking their own photos at family events, you can make a book together. Of course you can make a book about anything but here are some topics to get started: favorite pet alphabet book with objects found around the house
3.a book about shapes (share a Tana Hoban book for inspiration) day

3 thoughts on “Best Digital Camera for Kids: Vtech's Kidizoom Camera

  1. I do think diferrent because my friends and family use another brand.It’s secure and save power.But next camera I’ll consider this camera that you just present.Thank!!!

  2. I love the Kidizoom and do not agree with some of the testimonials that it has had, yeah it doesn’t hold that many photos as well as the quality is not excellent but this is a camera for children for gods sake and they love using it. My children have had hrs of fun using the Kidizoom and they just love the way the camera looks, it is a plaything after all and so I think it’s well worth the cash.

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