Classic Pooh

This new line of Classic Pooh just came in from Kids Preferred. They are super soft. I love the large and small Pooh. I can’t ever remember seeing swirly designs in the plush of a teddy bear–so that’s kind of novel.  I’m not sure how kids are going to react..our interns (all in their teens) grew up on the Disney version of Pooh and his friends.  None of them considered these versions “real”….so we’ll have to see how our testers respond. They sure are soft!

2 thoughts on “Classic Pooh

  1. Hello! For me, these plush Pooh toys look far more like my image of the classic Pooh as I first imagined them as a child…but then I didn’t grow up on the Disney version! I do want to touch them after looking here and then reading your comment about how soft they are….

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