Say it 3X fast: Criss Cross Crash Track

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track

Hot Wheels are always fun.  This year the big track of the season is the relaunch of a classic…the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track (Mattel).  This closed, clover leaf track is an opportunity to crash your favorite Hot Wheels. Watch our video from Toy Fair.  Now if you’re really old school, you’ll remember that the fun of Hot Wheels was making your track as long as possible…down the staircase was always the best.  There were a few loops – but making your own system was the point.  Closed tracks are a novelty – since there isn’t much to do besides watch the cars go.  This track is a little better in this department since you are always feeding the system with new cars.  Stay tuned.  We’ll have a complete review at once we receive a set

3 thoughts on “Say it 3X fast: Criss Cross Crash Track

  1. Hi, my soon to be 4ds has started to venture into cars. We currently have the Plan Toys Garage ( completly non-toxic, and they forward test result per request 🙂 ). Anyway, my son is wanting loops and track and he had found two Hot Wheel sets that he adores and wants on his wish list. Problem is that when I went to ad them on Amazon, there was a California prop. 65 warning. The sets were Tub Tracks Racer Set, and Dr. Bones color Shifter set. Further search listed all I could find with the same warning. 🙁 Are you aware of any sets that don’t carry this safety warning? I would love for him to experience such types of toys, but not at at cost to his health.

  2. Isabella – I will contact Mattel. From my reading of Prop 65–companies issue this warning. So I join you in your concern as to why it’s so noted on these toys. Mattel did sign our verification form but it does not include Prop 65.

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