Should I buy….A New Weekly Feature!

I love the emails we get from testers and readers about specific toys. One of our long time testers suggested we do this type of exchange more openly…I agree.  So each week, I will start a conversation “Should I Buy”…I’m also open to other names for this new feature!  If I haven’t tested the toy yet we may find someone who has—or as we often do, we can request the toy for testing so that we can consider it for everyone on our site.

So bring it! Look forward to conversation.

Here’s the image of the Eco Mic from iplay that we’re discussing below–

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  1. I didn’t mean I would respond weekly…but I would throw it open for discussion since blogs depend on someone starting the conversation!

  2. So my son loves microphones and “giving concerts.” I’ve read bad reviews of a lot of toy mics. Is there a great one out there?

  3. Most of the toy mics are pretty lame. There are always licensed versions covered with the latest tween pop star – but if you’re looking for something unbranded…take a look at the iplay line from International Playthings. They come on stands or a hand-held version. Some kids love to hold the mic right to their mouths–others are more into the whole body performance and enjoy the freedom of the stand. I’ll be visiting their showroom at toy fair in about two weeks to see what’s the latest in this line. I really like the concept of the Eco Mic from have to crank it up to make it work. Kids will either love this added aspect or be annoyed–it really depends on your child’s temperament.

  4. I need to clarify that we didn’t test the eco mic. I’ll request it from the company and we’ll take it from there.

  5. I was looking at the Diggler Mountain Scooter. They seem really cool, however, pricey. They look to be better than the Razor scooter because they have really big rubber tires. Any info. on these? I also love the fact you can use them with your dog. Check out their website,

  6. Yes, I’ve noticed they all seem branded and lacking in volume control (parents say TOO LOUD or not loud enough). Wind-up seems fine because the battery won’t wear out. Unless it’s the kind of crank up where the battery wears down on — we had a flashlight like that that was fabulous at first because he could leave it on all night if he wanted and crank it up the next day. Now it just doesn’t get very bright with any amount of cranking.

  7. This looks like a scooter that I as a parent could use to keep up with my son on his Kick mini.

  8. They look super-sized which we usually like–although if you’re trying to use them in an urban setting, I think you’re going to find them too big. The truth is kids really like the smaller scooters (they look like the real thing). What I like about the Maxi scooter from Kickboard USA–is that it looks like a Razor but they’ve sneaked in a third wheel – giving the scooter much more stability. Even thought the Diggler is bigger–it still seems to be a two wheel deal. We’ll contact the company to see if they’ll submit a sample for review.

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