While I was Whole Foods….

There was a little boy with his Mom. He wouldn’t stop pushing the cart–she was rightly concerned that he would hit someone.  She stopped, had a quiet talk with him…even suggested that if he couldn’t control himself, she would take him home and do the shopping another time. Really?  As I was picking lemons near by, I observed that he did stop  and she praised him when he was doing it right.  Bravo on all fronts!  So when we were both at the fish counter, I commented on what a big helper he was being.  He nodded.  His mom then leaned in and said ” he insisted that he dress just like his dad.”  How did I miss that this little person was wearing a sports jacket, a patterned shirt and an orange tie?  She seemed a bit embarrassed…but as the mother of two teenagers I just said…in about ten years  you’ll miss this day. Enjoy it!

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  1. We have a two and a half year old boy and are struggling to find some suitable toys….. he’s just a little too wee for the 3 and up small cars and trucks that he loves to see in the toy shop (small parts) but he’s now getting a bit old for many of the toys he has at home. Does anyone else have any ideas for the 2.5 age, would be most welcome?

  2. Hey Nick,
    I just did a tv segment about this issue! You’re right, your son is almost ready for all of those small cars–but not quite yet! If you look at our toddler list this year, you’ll find several that are bigger and loads of fun. But if you’re look for a smaller car, look at the Tonka Racing Fleet. They are smaller than the others on our list and may do the trick.

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