Pick of the Day: Sassy's new Illumination Station

Sassy's Illumination Station

Sassy's Illumination Station

I love toys that work really well and don’t cost a lot.  Add to that a toy that works in the dark, and I’m basically over the moon.  So when Sassy sent in their Illumination Station (a twist on their Blue Chip classic, Fascination Station)…I was pretty excited.

This toy works both as a high chair toy (it has a suction base) …and as a great rattle for two-handed play..it comes off the base. There are so many interesting aspects for little hands to explore..with the super cool feature of having the polka dotted ball light up when you spin it.

See the video in the dark.

See the video with the lights on.

As you can tell, by my willingness to video tape toys in the dark, I take my work seriously.

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