G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra

gijoe If the toys are any indication, G.I. JOE has some seriously bad ass opponents in the upcoming movie. Snake Eyes Ninja Commando scares me –even in his packaging.  By my count he comes complete with seven weapons.  Wait! …According to the box he trains the G.I. Joe team…that’s a relief, he’s on our side? His preferred weapon is the “Hand-Forged Steel Heirloom Katana Sword”…do you think the elves from Lord of the Rings helped him out with the forging?

Oh yes–according to the packaging this toy is not recommended for kids under 3. For more G.I. Joe vs. Cobra games and items, you can visit GIJOE.com.

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  1. Yes, Snake Eyes is an American born top secret Ninja Commando aka the ultimate bad ass … who yes, happens to be on the side of good. He’s one of the most iconic good guys of the series along with “Duke”. The villains do look pretty creepy, though. Especially Cobra Commander.

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