Can you smell it? : Strawberry Shortcake

strawberryshortcakeOne of my assistant toy testers this summer commented that the box he was opening really smelled…there was pink tissue paper…I didn’t even need to cross the room to know what the box contained.  For a generation of moms that grew up with Strawberry Shortcake, they can now share the smelly play experience with their kids. The new line from Hasbro offers a wide variety of large play settings like the Berry Cafe…to miniature dolls (move over Polly Pockets)…all with that strawberriest of smells.

I missed the Strawberry Shortcake scene–and truth be told even if I had been of that generation, I wasn’t big on doll play.

Let me know your thoughts–and memories….

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  1. I had the ones that came in a little house simaler to this new relise when I was a little girl, they were my favourate dolls. I’m really jazzed about these new ones to give to my cousesns who are just the right age 🙂

  2. We purchased this for our daughter a few weeks ago and it is very cute! I love the smell because it reminds me of when I was a child and the Strawberry Shortcake dolls that we used to have. However, my husband is not so keen on the smell!! 🙂 Smells are wonderful memory triggers, so it’s also a smart marketing plan as parents will want to buy these wonderful toys that remind them of their childhood!

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