Pure silliness!: Klutz's Invasion of the Bristlebots

This time of the year with all of the toys pouring in for review, it takes a really unique product to make me laugh out loud!  I just took a look at Klut’z new toy/book – Invasion of the Bristlebots.  Imagine an oversized head of a tooth brush–attach a motor– and then imagine that someone thought of lots of silly things you could do with two of these little creations.  You can paint, you can add cut outs, you can race…you get the idea.  We have not gotten a safety certificate yet on the toy portion of this toy…but I wanted to share.

0 thoughts on “Pure silliness!: Klutz's Invasion of the Bristlebots

  1. LOVED this from Klutz. Our guess as to the inspiration behind this is that someone’s electric toothbrush fell on the ground and started crawling. It really works, too!

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