Pick of the Day: Briarpatch's Simms Taback Puzzles

One of the best parts of my job…checking out puzzles with my mother.


Today we were both very quiet as we were working on this new Simms Taback 7 foot long Animal Puzzle.  We were so hard at work and enjoying putting the puzzle together before we just started laughing (another nice aspect of our work).

Briarpatch has really stepped back into the puzzle market with great flair!  We love the entire collection of Simms Taback puzzles. There’s the 7′ foot long Animal Parade with 48 pieces, the 4 Safari Puzzles (four safari animals with varying numbers of pieces for each making them increasingly challenging), and also great, Jumbo Floor Puzzle, that features farm animals.  My young friend Simon, fan of all things farm related, would love this one!   328_jumbo_floor_puzzle

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  1. Just got this wonderful review in from a tester:

    Puzzles have played an important role in our children’s development especially because our son is on the Autism Spectrum. This puzzle in particular has played a HUGE role in his home-based therapy. Not only is it utilized in Special Education play therapy but it is also held back as a reward for his ABA therapy.
    In addition to the puzzle being enjoyed in developmental activities, this item is a great family toy. Unlike other toys and games that can be messy I consider this floor puzzle “constructive clutter.” We can have floor-time, sit together and bond over assembly and other friends and family join in when they visit.
    This product encourages independent play and problem solving. Both of our children feel a true sense of accomplishment when they complete the larger than life puzzle and applaud themselves. On a daily basis I hear, “Look mom, we did it!”

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