Pre-Toy Fair Buzz: Sprig Toys New Eco-Trucks

eco-trucksexcavatorlrI’m often asked for good truck recommendations–so I’m eager to see this new line of  trucks from Sprig Toys.  Their products are made from repurposed plastic milk cartons and saw dust–so there is a very nice green component to this line.  We should have samples soon.   Each of the three trucks (Dump Truck, Excavator and Loader) retail for $14.99 – making them competitive with the big guys in this category.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Toy Fair Buzz: Sprig Toys New Eco-Trucks

  1. oh. my. GOSH! These look like something my 2 year old could really get into. He loves trucks and cars and the like…plus it helps that they are eco-friendly!

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