Pick of the Day: Tonka Li l Gas Pump

tonkagasListen up automakers—look what Tonka is suggesting! On the back of this gas pump is a plastic diagram of how you make ethanol. All energy proposals aside, the Tonka Li l Gas Pump ($19.99) is a great prop for pretend play. Comes with a shape sorter, a credit card, and three big chunky buttons to push (to select your preferred fuel choice). Works well with Hasbro’s new Tonka Scoot N Scoop 3 in 1 Ride On…but really you can use it with any ride on.

0 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Tonka Li l Gas Pump

  1. My son was privileged enough to have been able to test this toy for the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio and he absolutely LOVED it! We’ve had it for several months now and my 20 month old son STILL loves running his “credit card” and choosing his gas.


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