New Puppet Theater from Step2

We’re big on puppet theaters as a great prop for your family’s own shows. The new Puppet Theater from Step 2 is small in scale– really on the mark for the 3-5 crowd. The small plastic theater comes with with two sides that fold out, a stage curtain and two hand puppets. There’s also a dry-erase board for posting the name and time of your show. Our only complaint is that the nifty light that you’re suppose to attach above the theater really requires a power drill since the holes for the screws are not pre-drilled. For many folks this won’t be an issue, but if you’re not great with power tools – it can be challenging. Our testing family came up with attaching the light with Velcro – a clever alternative. The light itself is a nice addition. You can pair this theater with some of the great puppets we have reviewed from Gund, Manhattan Toy and Folkmanis.

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  1. Nice toy. Do you have any idea how much is the package? It’s too expensive here in my place. Just in case you know any online site aside from the site I use now, kindly inform me. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. The suggested retail is $69.99. I suspect there will be lots of great discounts on toys this year–so I’d check around before you buy.

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