Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Awards: October 6th

Thank you all for your wonderful emails and calls–everyone is looking for our book and lists. Hearing that our lists are well appreciated and used is always great to hear.

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio  Platinum Award List will all be announced on our website on October 6th. We’re busy here checking our lists as we get ready to post our top choices for the holidays.

As you know we worked with toy companies for most of the year to get a verification form that (almost) everyone would sign.  We didn’t get an agreement until we were well past the point of publication. The upside of writing reviews on the web is that there is no word limit–so we can include more feedback that we got from toy testers and just generally say more…

We are also planning features for the holiday season..if there’s something you’d particularly like us to take a look at, let us know.  We’ll be looking at trends as well as toys at every price point.  With the news as it is-we think these lists will be useful as you start shopping for the holidays.

4 thoughts on “Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Awards: October 6th

  1. I have a very physically adventurous, advanced. walking toddler (16 mos. at Christmas). I am trying to come up with the best indoor active play toy for when it gets cold. Which is more developmentally appropriate — a small slide or a low to the ground rocking horse? We won’t get both due to space and money constraints. She already has a push toy and a wagon.

  2. Great question. We had a tester try out the new Step2 All Star Sports Climber Play set ($99) for just this purpose and they really loved it. It does need to be supervised but it has a small slide, steps on the other side and a hoop. I have a sense this will have more play value than a small rocker. If your child is on the move–going up and down will give a outlet for that energy!

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