Today Show- Summer Slide

I did the Today Show this morning to discuss what to do to avoid the slide of school skills over the summer. To what the piece, visit It was a lively discussion with psychologist Ruth Peters and Matt Lauer.

Are there things that you do with your kids that you find helpful?

0 thoughts on “Today Show- Summer Slide

  1. that was a great piece- i guess the sylvan commercial was right about “losing” math over the summer- i thought it was just slick marketing!! super suggestions…

  2. Yes–the slide is real. I should point out that I am not in any way associated with the Sylvan learning center. Dr. Peters has consulted for them but my recommendations were strictly from the toyportfolio universe.

  3. your tips were really good– i am always eager to find new items that make math fun.
    my girls are good students, but all three are missing the math gene!

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