Going Green in Toyland: Barbie BCause

barbie-bcause-tote.jpgFirst of all, doesn’t it just sound better that it’s April? The weather has been so rough in much of the country, the promise of spring seems more welcomed than ever.

With Earth Day just around the corner (April 22nd), the roll out of green products has begun. I love that Barbie has gotten into the Green groove. You can buy a Barbie that wears a t-shirt that says “Think Pink, Live Green” (a child size version of the shirt also exists).  Also new is an attractive line of Barbie BCause accessories that are made of  re-purposed Barbie clothing scraps. The accessories include notebooks, bags, diaries, etc. They look a lot like Coach in styling. A really nice concept.

0 thoughts on “Going Green in Toyland: Barbie BCause

  1. I wish I could see the shirt, i want it. Is it allso avalible at toys r us like the other barbie bcause products?

  2. It’s in the stores–and I wanted one too–but unfortunately they are only made in children’s sizes.

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